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Simple and Delicious Deer Jerky Recipe

Simple and Delicious Deer Jerky Recipe

November 23, 2016 – 1:00 am

I’ll share with you my favorite way to marinade venison to make delicious deer jerky. You’ll love how simple and easy it is!

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Firewood Storage: Why We Built A Woodshed

November 28, 2016 – 2:29 pm
Firewood storage, and why you want a woodshed on your homestead.

My goofy husband modeling for scale.


We’ve had a lot of projects going on this year. One of our most recently completed projects is the new woodshed my husband built.

Isn’t it glorious?

In all honesty, it was tough for me to justify spending the money to build the structure. In my mind, burning wood to heat our home is supposed to save us money… not cost us money. But after eight years of stacking wood on the ground or on pallets only to find it eaten up with termites, fighting winds to keep a tarp over the pile, and having to buy wood because ours was still wet, I’ve realized that a woodshed is a homestead necessity.

Jerry wanted it large enough to hold four cords of wood, so he built it 16 ft. wide by 5 ft. deep by 10 ft. high at the front (8 ft. at the back). We really don’t know how much wood we need to get through the winter ’cause we’ve never had it all split and stacked at once, so this will be a good test for us to see how much we use.

We figure stacking firewood in a covered structure like this serves several purposes…

1. It keeps the logs from rotting on the ground.

When wood sits directly on top of soil, the natural decomposition process begins to happen. The wood starts to rot, termites get into it, and eventually it’s no good to burn. Having it up off the ground protects the logs from rotting and keeps them solid for burning.

2. A cover keeps the pile dry.

We had a ton of wood get rained on last year, and ended up having to buy wood because our logs were too wet to split and burn. Having a cover over the pile helps to keep it dry and ready to use.

3. The sun will season the wood and keep it dry.

We faced our wood shed on a hillside facing south so that it gets full sun exposure all day. Fresh wood must be dried for several months before it will burn well. Seasoning the wood by allowing it to dry in the sun will help your wood burn more efficiently.

4. Hopefully the snakes will stay out.

Log piles are notorious for snakes to hide in. I’m always worried about the kids playing around the wood piles. I’m hoping that with the wood up off the ground, snakes will prefer to hide under the shelter instead of in the stacked wood.

5. It gives us an idea of how much wood we need for the winter.

By having a structure to fill with wood, we’ll have a better idea of how much we need to split in order to get through the winter. It’s a visual gauge for us to go by, to see if we still need to split more or if we have enough. It gives us a goal to meet.

We’re eager to see how empty the shed will be by the end of Spring. Will it be enough? Surely!

My husband has worked his tail off this year chopping, hauling, and splitting this wood. It feels good to see the woodshed stocked. It’s like money in the bank!

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Earlier this month my grandfather was released from the hospital after two weeks of battling …