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Why I’m Loving These Essential Oils

November 7, 2014 – 6:02 am

Why I love doTERRA Essential Oils in particular and how I plan on using them along with medicinal herbs to help support my family’s wellness.

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Off Grid

The struggles and freedom of life without electricity.


How-to’s for beginners, and lots of good tips on raising food to sustain your family.

Eating Off The Land

Straight from the garden, wild game, and foraging recipes.


Food storage, emergency preparedness, survival skills, and more.

Essential Oils & Herbs

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Host An Online Thrive Party And Earn Free Food and Gear!

November 21, 2014 – 5:31 am

Host a Party Online
I know it sounds too good to be true, but you read that right. Host an online Thrive party with me and I’ll reward your efforts with free food and emergency supplies!

This is super exciting for me because Thrive has amazing products, and I wholeheartedly believe that everyone should be putting food away. My goal is to teach as many people as possible the importance of emergency preparedness, and you can help me do just that by sharing Thrive with your family and friends. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to rest easy knowing your loved ones are prepared?

What Is Thrive?

For those who don’t know, Thrive is a line of top-quality freeze dried foods. They have a 25 year shelf life, so they’re great for emergency preparedness. They’re super easy to cook with, making them an excellent choice for quick, easy and nutritious meals. And unlike fresh foods, they’ll never rot or spoil, which can be a huge money saver.

Go ahead and check out our product line here –> Shop Thrive Life

We also carry tons of emergency supplies and camping gear. Lots of great stuff to check out!

How Does An Online Party Work?

There are a few ways we can go about having an online party. You choose which style fits you the best.

Email Party: I will send you a link to the online store which you can share with your family and friends. Every time somebody makes a purchase, you earn 10% in free products! It doesn’t matter where they live, invite everyone you know!

Blog Party: Are you a blogger? Great! I’ll send you a party template post to copy and paste into your site, you promote the party via phone, email, and social media, and earn 10% in free products on all sales you generate!

Facebook Party: This is another great way to host online! I’ll create an event, add you as a hostess, then you would invite everyone you know to attend. I’ll be in charge of posting to the event, telling your friends and family all about Thrive and you will earn 10% in free products on all sales that come through your party.

Pretty easy, huh?!

You know what else is great? You also earn 10% back on your own purchases!


Host During Black Friday Week!

Black Friday is our absolute BIGGEST sale of the year. This is the time when people wait to place their orders so they can stock up and get the most bang for their buck. Hosting a party during Black Friday is a FANTASTIC way to earn a lot of free products- fast.

Don’t worry about this taking you away from your family during Thanksgiving weekend. I don’t want to do that to you- or myself.  Let’s get your party booked before November 26th, and I will collect pre-orders from your guests. That way I can place their orders ahead of the event, and ensure that they get everything they want for Black Friday (it is a while supplies last sale).

Providence 2 person kit

“Providence” Emergency Kit

 Could You Be More Prepared?

I’m sure we could all answer that with a big YES! Whether we like it or not, life can be unpredictable and uncertain. Bad things happen. Be better prepared for emergencies by storing at least a week’s worth of food, water and supplies. Better yet, store more. Personally, my goal is to have 3 years worth of food and supplies put away for hard times.

Let’s all get better prepared this month and take advantage of discounted and half-off Thrive foods during Black Friday.

Earn 10% Back on Your Own Purchase!

To encourage you guys to be more prepared, I’m offering 10% back in free products when you place an order of $500 or more during the Black Friday event (even if you don’t host a party). With many products on sale for 50% off, you’ll be able to purchase $1000 worth of products for $500, plus get $50 in freebies. A darned good deal if you ask me, and a great way to kick start or build upon your food supply!

Want a sneak peak at our Black Friday deals? –> http://www.thrivelife.com/files/materials/price-lists/Flyer:-Black-Friday-Weekend-Sale-%28US-Contiguous%29.pdf

(Be sure to sign up for my newsletter for updates on the sale!)

So, Are You Ready To Party?

Yes? Great! I can’t wait to help you build your food storage and get those you care about better prepared.

You can either email me and let me know you’re interested in hosting (kendra@newlifeonahomestead.com), or you can fill out an application here.

What’s There To Lose?

Get your party booked today. You’ll be so glad you did!!


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Take A Peek Into A Vault That Houses Humanity’s Greatest Treasure

October 29, 2014 – 5:09 pm
Take A Peek Into A Vault That Houses Humanity’s Greatest Treasure

HURRY!! This private showing will only be online via the web on October 30th, 2014 at 7pm CST. Register today so you don’t miss a thing!

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