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Delicious Surprise In The Goat’s Pen

>20 July 2009
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Jada was playing in the goat’s pen the other day and noticed something peculiar. She showed it to her Daddy, who was quickly able to confirm her suspicions…

The goats have been secretly growing tomato plants behind their house!

And not some scrawny little plants. These are beautiful, robust, and producing a ton of juicy green tomatoes!

They are definitely much healthier than the ones I intentionally planted in my garden! (Go figure.) It must be all of the goat poop in there fertilizing them.

I couldn’t figure out how in the world tomato plants got in there. Then my husband reminded me that before we got the goats, that was the spot where we used to throw out our kitchen scraps!

Cool! I don’t know why the goat’s aren’t eating them, but I’m ever so grateful! Especially since the tomatoes in my garden aren’t looking so hot. I wonder what kind these are?? They look like they’ll be delicious whatever kind they end up being. Hopefully the goats won’t notice the ripe red fruits before we do!

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  • Stephanie said:

    Now that is some gardening on the fly!

  • sandra said:

    now you know the secret youve been missing, goat poop fertilzer! ( just kidding, never heard of anyone using it, but maybe??) my grandmother used to call plants and flowers like this “volunteers”.

  • Nancy M. said:

    Who knew goats were great gardeners? So cool that you have volunteer tomatoes!

  • Deanna said:

    I wonder if tomato plants are poisonous to goats. Otherwise they probably would have eaten them. The plants do have a funky smell so maybe thats why they didn’t eat them.

  • Lanna said:

    Sweet!! I love finding random volunteers in the garden (this year was potatoes, parsley and cilantro).

  • Kellie said:

    Remember to wash them really well as goats can carry toxoplasmosis!

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