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Homemade Mayonnaise

>6 March 2010
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homemade mayonnaise

Yes!! I was so excited the other night when I made my first batch of homemade mayonnaise, and it came out perfectly!! (Well, after a couple of tries, anyways.) One more thing I don’t have to buy pre-made anymore!! Woohoo!

It really is easy. There’s no reason you can’t do this  yourself! Just pour some stuff into a blender and mix for about three minutes. And it will cost you much less than buying a jar of it already made (and full of yucky preservatives!) at the store.

I challenge you to try this yourself at least once! I’m hooked.

Here you go!

Homemade Mayonnaise

  • 1 whole egg
  • 1/2 tsp dry mustard
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 2 Tbsp white distilled vinegar
  • 1/4 cup vegetable oil
  • 1 dash paprika (optional)
  • 3/4 cup vegetable oil

In a blender, add all ingredients except the last 3/4 cup oil. Blend on low for 2 minutes. Then, with blender still running, take the cap off the lid, insert a funnel to reduce splattering,  and slowly pour the remaining 3/4 cup oil into the blender as a thin stream. (Pouring too quickly will cause your mayo to be runny.) Continue blending for a few more seconds, or until thickened; it doesn’t take long. Store in the fridge, preferably in a glass container.

Makes 1 c. mayonnaise.

My husband is a total JFG Mayonnaise snob. He’ll have nothing but that! So I was very pleasantly surprised when he licked a spoon with my homemade version on it, and thoughtfully replied, “Hmmm… it’s good!”

He likes it! Yay for me!! One less thing we have to add to our grocery list. That makes me happy.

I’ve noticed that some store bought mayo has sugar added to it. If you like a sweeter mayonnaise, you might try adding a little sugar to suit your taste. You can also use Canola oil instead of vegetable oil.


*Just as a follow up… we’ve eaten two week old homemade mayo fine. I wouldn’t let it go for longer than that though.

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  • Wendy (The Local Cook) said:

    This is SO on my list of things to do!

  • Amy @ Homestead Revival said:

    Kendra, I’m pretty sure I’ve made this with Olive Oil, too. It’s been a while though and I can’t remember exactly. Do you know how long this will keep in the refrigerator? That was one reason I didn’t make it very often – I don’t use it a lot and was afraid most of it would go bad. I should probably cut the recipe in half (might be hard to blend) so i only make what I need.

  • Kendra at New Life On A Homestead (author) said:

    Amy- not sure how long it would be good for; I’d say a week or so to be safe. It only makes one cup though, so it’s not like a whole lot would be wasted :) You could try cutting it in half, and using a small egg I guess.

  • Missy said:

    Wow. That seems so easy! I may just have to try that. I wonder if you could use olive oil instead. I don’t keep vegetable oil around very often. Thanks for sharing!

  • Paula said:

    To Missy, yes you can use olive oil in place of the vegetable oil.

    Also when I make mine I use fresh squeezed lemon juice in place of the vinegar. I do this due to issues with candida.

    The recipe I follow is listed at http://www.healingnaturallybybee.com

    Have a blessed day,

  • Paula said:

    Here’s a link to the recipe I use (due to health reasons):

  • Holly Crawford said:

    I just tried this for the first time about a month ago…The same recipe(wierd huh??) We love it 2…I think it is like a game 2 me of how many things can I make myself and not buy from the store….Keep those homemade recipes coming :)

  • sandra said:

    thanks, I’ll try it!

  • Kathy said:

    This is so easy, my 14yr old daughter made it for us. I had seen your post a couple of weeks ago & we were out of mayo. So we tried it. Besides the “orange color”..lol this was due to the over-dashed paprika my daughter added. Still tastes great!!

  • Chantel said:

    Over at Tammy’s Recipes (I got there through a link from Money Saving Mom) they were posting ideas for things to make from scratch. I posted the link to this page b/c after you posted and I tried it, I just fell in love with making my own Mayo and my hubby (who insisted that only on brand was good) likes this one too.

    Only additional advice for this recipe is to put your funnel into the small lid opening on your blender top and add the oil through it. The oil gets in but the splashes don’t get out!

  • Kendra at New Life On A Homestead (author) said:

    Oh, Chantel, thank you so much for the funnel advice. I had forgotten to add that. My mother-in-law watched me make this mayo one day, and I think she felt bad for me after watching me wiping splatters from my face and cabinets :) She bought me a little funnel, and it works like a charm. I had a major “duh” moment! Why didn’t I think of that?!

    Thanks for sharing my link too! So glad you actually tried the recipe!

  • Sharon said:

    Just curious about the egg. Not sure if I would trust it especially with the scare going on with the eggs at the moment. I don’t have chickens just yet. What would you do?

  • Mary Lou in Central NY said:

    Thanks so much for this recipe. I loved looking into your refrigerator,and I just happened to be out of mayonnaise…It came out great! I did add some pepper, but only because I pepper the store brand after I spread in on the bread or make tuna. Because I am food-storage minded, I am going to try dried whole egg powder for my next batch.

  • Kendra at New Life On A Homestead (author) said:

    Mary Lou,

    If you think of it, please let me know how the dried egg powder works in the recipe. I’m curious if it will work the same!!!

  • Amy @ Homestead Revival said:

    Wow, Kendra! That looks professional! The texture in the photo is great . I don’t blend for 2 minutes before adding the last part of the oil, but I think I need to! I’ll try it next time.

    Thanks for linking up!

  • Karen Nelton said:

    Someone expressed concern over the raw egg used in the recipe, no need to worry, the vinegar or lemon juice, whichever u choose to use actually “cooks” the egg killing any bacteria found naturally in the egg.

  • Kendra at New Life On A Homestead (author) said:

    I’ve never heard that, Karen. Interesting!

  • Kelli @ The Sustainable Couple said:

    Hey Kendra! I’ve made your mayo recipe for years, and a while back a reader asked for my recipe. On Friday I will be sharing your recipe on my blog (with links to your blog and recipe, of course!). Feel free to drop by and check it out – - http://www.thesustainablecouple.com

  • Kendra at New Life On A Homestead (author) said:

    Awesome, Kelli. Thanks!!

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