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Homemade Kids Laptop

>10 April 2010
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After much debate, my husband and I decided to get Jada her own personal laptop. I know she’s only six, but she loves playing on the computer, so we knew it would get a lot of use. We looked around until we found the perfect “kid friendly” model. We needed something that wouldn’t break easily if accidentally dropped, or “short out” if a drink were to spill on it. And fortunately for us, this particular one was within our budget.

You wouldn’t believe how excited she was when my husband presented her with the laptop. Her dreams had finally come true! She sat down and set right to work customizing her desktop. She knew just where to go to find all of her favorite games, and was glued to that thing for the rest of the day. She wouldn’t leave home without it!

Of course, once her brother saw what she had he had to have one too! Good thing money wasn’t an issue!

They have had the best time with these things… never mind that they are only cardboard.

toy laptop

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  • Shannon said:

    Lol! That is very cute :) For a second I thought you had actually bought her a real laptop, so I almost choked when I read that Titus was getting one too hehe, then I noticed the picture and it all made sense. I am always glad to see a child that is happy with the little things, it gives me hope for my son’s future. Keep up the great work!

  • Stephanie said:

    TOO CUTE!!!

  • Carmen at Old House Kitchen said:

    Ha! Too cute!! A little cardboard goes a long way! : )

  • Amy @ Homestead Revival said:

    What did kids play with before cardboard was invented?

  • Michelle H. said:

    This is so refreshing! Instead of just buying our kids the lastest gadget, I think it’s so much better to let them use their imagination! Good job!

  • Nancy M. said:

    I about had a heart attack when I first read she got a laptop! I knew that was like against everything frugal, lol! What a great idea! I’ll bet my 2 year old would love a laptop like that too!

  • Need A Nap2 said:

    Hee hee, too cute. But where’s the mouse??

  • Beth said:

    So cute! Each of my brother’s had their own cardboard desk growing up and they loved it! Those pretend cardboard toys are fabulous!

  • Janna said:

    I love cardboard and imagination!!!!! My B is 2 but I’m stashing this idea away. We made a dollhouse from a box and Sunday paper ads the others day.

  • Julie Ashley said:

    Funny! My daughter has been making toys, too! She loves to make babies and ALL kinds of baby accessories. Just proves, it doesn’t take MONEY to make FUN!

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