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How To Make Homemade Vanilla Extract

>13 October 2010
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Just found these links tonight, and had to share. I’ve never even thought about making my own homemade vanilla extract… what a great idea! I wonder if I could grow vanilla beans in my area? Hmmm.

Here’s a great video by Lynn, showing just how easy it really is to make vanilla:

You might also wanna check out an interesting cost comparison on homemade vanilla extract done by The Thrifty Mama.

Have any other questions? Most likely they’ve been covered by TipNut!

Of course, the next step would be learning to make your own vodka at home! (I am totally not advocating drinking, but vodka would be a handy thing to learn to make seeing as it’s also used in many herbal tinctures.)

Thanks to Stephanie at Keeper of the Home for the idea!

Do you make your own vanilla extract? Any tips you wanna share?

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  • Jana@ The Summer House said:

    Oh yes…I’ve done this. I bought the big bottle of Bacardi at Costco and the beans at Costco….amazing stuff!

  • Bonnie said:

    Oh yes, I have also done this and it is great, I got my beans at bnilla. Love this stuff and how it turned out! Loved to know how to make my own vodka though.


  • Laura D said:

    I have my first jar in the pantry now–it’ll be ready in April! I got my beans on Amazon.com for what I think was a really reasonable price.

  • Stacey said:

    I’ve made it with Brandy…loved the results!

  • April said:

    I have done this in the past, but don’t like buying the alcohol or having it in my home. However, I have found that most pharmacies carry it.

    Our local small town pharmist will sell me 8 oz (I take in my own bottle) for less than a dollar. He thinks I am funny though, for refusing to buy a larger bottle. Yet, this will last me for well over a year.

  • Tancy said:

    I wanna try it sometime. Thanks for the info!

  • Lindsey Cartes said:

    My friend and I made Vanilla for some Christmas gifts this year. We scraped our beans, which made for a little more work. I won’t be doing that again, after watching the video! :)
    I can’t wait to give some to friends- it is delish!

  • Lanna said:

    Nope, odds are you can’t easily grow vanilla beans in your area. I believe they’re in the orchid family if I remember Alton Brown correctly, and they’re mostly found/harvested in less-developed areas of the world. :)

  • Abbigail said:

    I read a blog called Heavenly Homemakers. She does a lot of great cheap and healthy meals. I think you would like it. She also does her own vanilla. For lots of reasons. And she lists the names of some online stores she uses. And the one where she gets her vanilla beans has a certain percentage off if you use a code she gives. Its super easy to make!!! I am going to do it when mine runs out.

  • Kimberly said:

    I’ve been using homemade vanilla extract for awhile now and love it! No plans to buy anymore of those little brown bottles.

  • Teresa said:

    If this amazes any of you, you might have a great time searching the word, “tincture”. Vodka or any 80 to 100 proof rum will do this and it’s wonderful for home medicinals. This made me smile…glad these things are still being discovered again and done.

  • Kendra at New Life On A Homestead (author) said:


    Tinctures are definitely on my to-do list ;)

  • Lianne said:

    The more beans the merrier! In the U.S. commercial vanilla extract has to have a minimum of 10 beans per cup of liquid. Also, when the alcohol gets low I cut the beans in half so they are still submerged in vodka.

  • Muzhik said:

    You can also do the same thing with orange peel or lemon peel to get the orange or lemon extract to use with cooking. Just cut the peel into 1-inch chunks (no fruit) and put into the vodka to soak.

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