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Baby Elias- 10 months old

>7 March 2012
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I haven’t posted a picture of baby Elias in a few months… and they change so much throughout their first year especially, I thought I’d share an update.

He’ll be 10 months old in a few days. Incredibly hard for me to believe!

I wish you could see him in person. He’s such a crackup! He smiles all the time, and thinks his siblings are the funniest people ever.

He’s crawling all over the place, and pulling up to his knees. Always on the go!

And he gives the best baby kisses. You know, the open mouth-to-face slobbery wet smooches.  LOVE. IT.

Oh, and he’s teething. He still hasn’t had any teeth come through yet, but one of his top front teeth is just about to break through. Boy, am I glad Hylands put their homeopathic teething tablets back on the market!

Goodness, he’s precious. It has been fun seeing his personality developing. He already tries to imitate us with sounds and gestures. He loves to bang cabinet doors open and closed, and pull the trashcan over, and pick up dirt clods and try to eat them before Mommy sees. He’s gonna be a rascal for sure!

Sweet. Sweet. Sweet! I just adore this little man.

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  • Tribalmama said:

    Awe..he is just precious! Looks like he has a wonderful personality.

  • Stacey said:

    What an adorable boy! He has obviously won your heart! Enjoy him!

  • Brenda said:

    He is such a cutie. Enjoy him, time goes by so so fast. My baby was married last Saturday. He is in Nashville Tennessee on his honeymoon. I look at him now and he looks the same except he is 6 foot 4 with size 13 feet and a very trimmed and neat mustache and beard. He is still by little baby.

  • Babychaser said:

    So cute… he looks just like you!!

  • Nikki R said:

    Elias is adorable.:) He looks just like your other sweet children. Too cute.Thanks for the update .The days go so fast.

  • Esther said:

    Loved the update. Elias is a cutie pie. You have a great family. Blessings.

  • Mrs S said:

    He looks so joyful..obviously reflecting his family’s joy. What a cutie. and his mama is sure pretty ;) You are blessed…and YES they do grow up quickly. Thanks for sharing..We were all smiling while looking at the sweet photos.

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