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Fall Family Photo Shoot

>12 September 2012
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Earlier this week, a friend and brilliant photographer used us as a ‘model’ family to promote an upcoming Fall photo shoot event she’ll be doing.

We’ve never done natural photos like these before- you know, not the usual sitting, posing, fake cheesing- so I was super excited when she asked if we’d be interested in a session.

Um. YES!

It was so much fun. The kids actually enjoyed the photo shoot, and she was able to capture the REAL us. Full of life. And laughter.

Titus thought we were camping, since we had a fire going and all. The entire next day all he talked about was wanting to go ‘camping’ again. And Jada was determined to learn how to make a fire by rubbing two sticks together. But not before she reviewed her fire safety rules to all of us, of course! I had to remind the children, no fires without grown ups, lol!

Elias definitely enjoyed the surroundings!

I think this is my favorite family portrait EVER. Even baby Elias was smiling!

Although, I thought this one of Jerry and I was pretty cute, too.

All of my precious babies.

It’s such a blessing to have these portraits!! I will cherish them always, as I know this moment in our lives will be but a memory all too soon.

Thank you, Sara, for these irreplaceable keepsakes!! I love each and every one.

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  • Julie said:

    Beautiful family and pictures! I love reading your blog, Kendra! It’s such an encouragement and blessing to me.

  • Anne Kimball said:

    So incredibly beautiful!

  • Debbie@ouroldhomestead.blogspot.com said:

    Wow, just lovely, lovely pictures! Beautiful family you have.

  • Laurie B said:

    Kendra, terrific pics! What a great idea. Thanks for sharing! I especially love the random, real life shots!

  • Lisa Lynn said:

    How wonderful! Your family photos turned out awesome and you all look so happy and full of joy! Enjoy these for the many years to come :)

  • Amanda said:

    Absolutely beautiful! You have a lovely family.

  • daisy said:

    Gorgeous photos! Your babies are so precious. Great job, photographer!

  • Jessica D. said:

    love the pictures, you have a beautiful family.

  • doug@thesimplefarm said:

    I really like the picture of you guys looking over the kids shoulders from afar. It kind of reminds me of letting go but still watching out for them.

  • Anonymous said:

    Those kids are 4 peas in a pod…for certain you can tell they are siblings! What a beautiful family you are…inside and out!

  • Michelle said:

    Ahhh! Such a beautiful family! I love the one of you two gazing at each other and smiling, and the one with you in the background watching the kids, too. So perfect!

  • Saira said:

    Beautiful! Any tips on how to get four boys to stand still for photos :)

  • Eric said:

    Really awesome portraits by an accomplished photographer (Sara!). You’ll cherish them for a long time to come.

  • Cathy said:

    The pictures are really awesome. Such a sweet family. I hope you dont mind me asking, but is that your real hair? It is so pretty & long. Thought your might have hair extensions….very pretty either way.

  • Kendra at New Life On A Homestead (author) said:


    LOL, I’ve never been asked that before! Yes, it’s my real hair ;)

  • Jenn said:

    Wow what great photos! Kendra, you are so beautiful, you should become a model. Did you guys go out and buy new clothes? Just wondering cuz you all “blend” so well together. Doesn’t look to matchy-matchy but looks like you had professional stylist to help.

  • Shaye @ The Elliott Homestead said:

    Giiiiiiirl these look so good!!! When did Xia get so dang big? How does that happen?! Love, love, love, love.

  • Kendra at New Life On A Homestead (author) said:


    Thanks for your compliments!! No, we didn’t buy a single new thing. But you should have seen me scrounging through our closets and storage tubs to find things that went together, lol! I even had to do some sewing to make things fit ;) I was trying to go for a color scheme that went well together but didn’t look too matched. I thought it came together pretty well for what we had, lol!

  • Kendra at New Life On A Homestead (author) said:

    Thanks, Shaye ;) I know. They’re all growing so quickly!

  • Claudne said:

    Loved the pictures–absolutely beautiful! I loved the natural setting and innocence of each picture. thank you for sharing!

  • Bonnie said:

    Very beautiful family and the photos are great!!!! The babies are the sweetest! Ever!!! ( I mean all the children I have this bad habit of calling them all babies). Hahha

  • Sara said:

    Sorry I’m late seeing this and replying to it, but you’re so SO welcome! Seriously it was the most fun I’ve ever had on a photo shoot. You guys were amazing!!! Thanks for being my guinea pigs and letting me try new things. :-)


  • Lona Pritchett said:


  • Debbie said:

    What beautiful pictures!!!

  • Kendra at New Life On A Homestead (author) said:

    Thank you, Debbie!! :)

  • Babychaser said:

    I love these!! My husband and I are photographers and we have a similar style, though we don’t usually do families and we’ve set the business aside for now to raise our family. :) Still, being the photographers makes it hard to have these sort of pictures of our own family. :) Enjoy them!

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