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Articles in Wild Foraging

I Found A Wild Pawpaw Tree!

July 26, 2015 – 6:28 pm

People say pawpaws taste like a mix between banana custard and mangoes. I can’t wait to try them!

16 Delicious Flower Jelly Recipes

April 22, 2015 – 7:28 am

You won’t believe how many edible flowers can be made into a delicious flower jelly. You just might have some of these growing in your yard right now!

Dandelion Greens Salad

April 21, 2015 – 8:54 am

Did you know there’s food right under your feet? You’ll never go hungry when you know how to find it! Dandelions are an easy wild food for beginner foragers. Here’s a yummy recipe to get you started with wild edibles.

Wild Foraging: Mayapples

April 29, 2014 – 6:53 pm

I was so excited when I finally learned what the umbrella-like leaves that are popping up all over the forest floor are. Especially that they have edible fruits!!

Cooked Dandelion Greens

April 3, 2014 – 7:19 am

Dandelions are a great introduction to wild foraging if you’re new to eating “weeds”. Dandelion greens are easy to identify and tasty to eat… if you pick them at just the right time!

How To Dry Purslane and Turn It To A Powder

October 18, 2012 – 6:33 am
how to dry purslane

Learn how to use this super food as a nutritional and delicious replacement for cornstarch!

Wild Carrots, Queen Anne’s Lace, And Deadly Hemlock

June 22, 2012 – 6:53 am

Learn to spot the difference between a wild edible and a dangerously poisonous weed. Then try these recipes for wild carrots and Queen Anne’s Lace Jelly!

Red Clover Lemonade

June 20, 2012 – 4:29 am

Red clover lemonade is a tasty way to enjoy the blossoms of this wild weed.

Scrambled Eggs with Purslane. Huevos con Verdolagas

June 3, 2012 – 5:06 pm

A delicious way to use purslane, a nutritious, edible weed you might have growing in your garden!

A New Wild Edible Discovered: Purslane!

May 20, 2012 – 4:06 pm
wild foraging- purslane

This “weed” is super nutritious, and is packed with Omega-3 fatty acids and tons of essential vitamins. Not only that, but it tastes great, too!! Here’s what I’ve discovered about purslane, and why I won’t be pulling it out of my garden beds anymore!

Are Wild Strawberries Edible?

July 13, 2011 – 9:04 pm
wild strawberries

I’ve always heard that wild strawberries were poisonous, so I’ve been telling my kids not to eat the ones we have growing in our yard. But then I read somewhere that they were actually delicious and safe… so which is it? Here’s what I’ve learned…

How To Can Honeysuckle Jelly

May 14, 2011 – 3:40 pm
Honeysuckle Jelly

I love this stuff!! It’s pretty awesome to go pick wild flowers in our backyard and make a delicious jelly from them. Even the kids had fun gathering the sweet honeysuckles!