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Special June Package Deal: Thrive Fruit and Lemonade Pack

For a limited time only, grab this delicious Thrive fruit and lemonade pack for a steal. So many flavor possibilities! Offer ends June 30th, 2014.

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Save Money and Conserve Water With Low Flow Faucet Adapters

Here’s one cheap and easy step we’ve taken to reduce our water usage in preparation for going off grid.

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Vitacost + EcoBonus = Great Deals on Natural Products!

After spending entirely too much time scrutinizing all possibilities and trying to find the best possible way to make this deal work to my advantage, I’ve found a share-worthy way to get some great all-natural and organic products for a really great price. PLUS, FREEBIES!

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Why You Should Look Closely At Your Coins Before Spending Them

Whenever you receive money in change, be on the lookout for these certain kinds of coins! They’re worth more than you think at first glance.

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Here are some ways I make the most of every scrap of food in our home.

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If I told you it was possible to make your own paint for less than .50 cents per gallon, would you believe me?

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Working The Blueberry Farm

You can pay me in blueberries any day!

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Frugal Decorating: My New Computer Desk

I just LOVE it when I happen upon a super good deal. And this is one that ended up being one of the best!