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Boys’ Budget Bedroom Makeover Reveal!

I am SUPER pleased with how this room turned out. For only the cost of a can of paint and a paintbrush, I turned the boys’ bedroom into something I can be proud to show off!

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Saving Money on Baby Powder

Here’s how I save big bucks on baby powder.

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Keeping a list of when things come into season, and contact info of those you know you can glean from, is a great way to gather the harvest and fill your pantry without missing a thing!

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Spending extra money you may occasionally have on something that will actually save you money over time is a great way to snowball your way to some real financial freedom!

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Heather shares a few tricks she has learned when it comes to entertaining house guests on a tight budget. She also includes her family’s special spaghetti sauce recipe!

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Are Dented Cans Dangerous?

Is it safe to eat from dented cans? Well, not always. Here are a few tell-tale signs that you’d be better off tossing that food. And how to know if it’s still safe.

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My Zero Dollar Laundry Room Makeover

Here it is guys. Proof that you don’t need a dime to give a new look to any room in your home!

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Quick Sandwiches In A Pinch

When you are out of time and it seems you have NOTHING to make, you probably have something in your kitchen you can whip into a delicious sandwich. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind…