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The Toothbrush That’s A Chewing Stick

January 13, 2015 – 12:29 pm

This little stick can effectively replace your toothbrush, toothpaste, mouth wash, floss, and teeth whitening products!! And the best part, it’s completely natural.

Uses For Grapeseed Oil & Black Lava Salt

July 5, 2012 – 6:21 pm
Grapeseed Oil and Black Lava Salt

Both of these products are wonderful for cooking with or for making nourishing homemade beauty products!! Don’t you just love stuff that does double-duty?!

Review: A Week Of Homemade Shampoo & Conditioner

December 20, 2010 – 9:58 pm

Here are my thoughts on how a week of using homemade shampoo and conditioners went. Will I keep using them? Find out!

Homemade Chapstick

December 3, 2010 – 6:13 am

Learn how to make your very own all-natural chapstick for less than .25 cents each!

Homemade Hair Removal Tutorial: Body Sugaring (a.k.a: Sugar Wax, Sugar Paste, Halawa)

October 30, 2010 – 3:52 pm
sugaring hair removal

Here’s an easy, quick, and very inexpensive way to make your own hair removing wax. If you ever find yourself without a razor, this is a great backup plan to know!!

Homemade Natural Beauty: Facial Scrubs, Moisturizer, Masks And Toners

August 30, 2010 – 6:40 pm

Now is the time to stop spending a fortune on unhealthy beauty products, and start making natural skin care goodies at home! Here are my favorite recipes…

How They Made All-Purpose Soap In The Old Days

February 17, 2010 – 8:49 pm

I’m talking about making soap from scratch! Home rendered tallow and lye from wood ashes… no store bought ingredients here!

Inexpensive Eye Makeup Remover

September 1, 2009 – 4:57 am
oil 002 (Medium)

Want a cheaper eye makeup remover? You may want to give this a try!

Homemade Conditioners

May 17, 2009 – 2:30 pm
Homemade Conditioners

Here are a few very different recipes for conditioning your hair with items you most likely already have around your home!

Homemade Shampoo

May 13, 2009 – 7:05 pm

Here’s an inexpensive way to make your own, much healthier shampoo, without the use of all those chemicals.

How To Make Goat’s Milk Soap

March 11, 2009 – 7:09 pm

Here’s a great tutorial on how to make milk from fresh goat’s milk.

Homemade Deodorant Recipe

June 24, 2008 – 8:29 am

My sister’s review of one popular homemade deodorant recipe. See what she thinks…