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Uses For Grapeseed Oil & Black Lava Salt

Both of these products are wonderful for cooking with or for making nourishing homemade beauty products!! Don’t you just love stuff that does double-duty?!

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This little stick can effectively replace your toothbrush, toothpaste, mouth wash, floss, and teeth whitening products!! And the best part, it’s completely natural.

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Here are my thoughts on how a week of using homemade shampoo and conditioners went. Will I keep using them? Find out!

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Homemade Chapstick

Learn how to make your very own all-natural chapstick for less than .25 cents each!

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Homemade Hair Removal Tutorial: Body Sugaring (a.k.a: Sugar Wax, Sugar Paste, Halawa)

Here’s an easy, quick, and very inexpensive way to make your own hair removing wax. If you ever find yourself without a razor, this is a great backup plan to know!!

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Now is the time to stop spending a fortune on unhealthy beauty products, and start making natural skin care goodies at home! Here are my favorite recipes…

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I’m talking about making soap from scratch! Home rendered tallow and lye from wood ashes… no store bought ingredients here!

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Inexpensive Eye Makeup Remover

Want a cheaper eye makeup remover? You may want to give this a try!