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Hot Ash Stove Review and Giveaway!

June 28, 2016 – 8:15 am

Looking for a portable, wood burning stove? Check out my field review of the Hot Ash Stove and see if it might be exactly what you need! Great for camping, off grid cooking, and emergency preparedness.

Chocolate for Long Term Food Storage: THRIVE Gourmet Hot Cocoa

January 21, 2016 – 11:50 am

Thrive’s Gourmet Hot Cocoa is a delicious comfort food to add to your long term emergency food storage.

Survival: Escape and Evasion

January 5, 2016 – 10:49 am

Learn how to defend yourself, escape, and evade. Survival skills that might save your life one day.

Clawhammer Still Review: Building And Testing The Still

July 28, 2015 – 8:50 am

A still can be useful for so many things: making essential oils, distilling spirits, fuel alcohol, making antiseptics… it’s just one of those things that we definitely wanted to add to our emergency preps. Here’s how we built our own with a Clawhammer Still Kit.

Emergency Preparedness: Personal Library Essentials

May 17, 2015 – 8:38 am

“They say “Knowledge is power”, but in a survival situation it could mean more than that, it could mean life or death. The right kind of books can help you get through the hardest of times. Here are 40+ of my favorite books for emergency preparedness and survival.

How To Make Ink From Huckleberries

May 6, 2015 – 8:20 am

This was a fun one for the kids and I to do together. Step-by-step instructions on how to make ink at home from berries.

Emergency Preparedness: Food Storage

April 26, 2015 – 8:29 am

What foods you should store, how much you should store, where you should store it, and so much more. All the info you need to start building your emergency food storage today.

EcoZoom Stove Review and Giveaway!

March 7, 2014 – 9:58 am

EcoZoom Stoves are an extremely efficient and versatile way to cook food without electricity. Enter for your chance to win your very own Zoom Versa. **This Giveaway is now closed. Congratulations, Jimmy!!

Dried Soup Recipes For Emergencies, Hard Times, Or Even Camping {Plus Shopping List}

October 7, 2013 – 1:02 pm
Thrive Foods

Here’s a good variety of soups you can make using only shelf stable ingredients, for those times when you might not be able to get to the store.

Why “Prepping” Is Like A Diaper Bag

September 8, 2013 – 8:34 pm
Basic One Person 72-hr Emergency Kit

It’s hard to argue with the wisdom in having a well stocked diaper bag!

Where To Store Emergency Supplies

June 25, 2013 – 7:05 am
Where To Store Emergency Supplies

Ever wonder where you’re supposed to put all of these emergency supplies I keep telling you to have on hand? Here’s a list of some creative places to find storage space in your home, so you have no excuse to stash at least a few essentials!

Top 13 Preparedness Items To Look For At Yard Sales

June 21, 2013 – 2:29 pm
Top 13 Preparedness Items To Look For At Yard Sales

Here’s a list of the things I always keep an eye out for at garage and yard sales, which might come in really handy in an emergency situation.

Smart Meter Controversy *UPDATE*

February 14, 2013 – 5:00 am

Too many people know nothing of the dangers of this new technology that is quietly being installed in every home across the United States. Get informed! *Update* How we refused the Smart Meter.

Saponins. Plants That Lather: Amole Lily, Soapwort, and Yucca

January 31, 2013 – 9:41 pm

Here are three awesome plants full of saponins that make a rich, soapy lather. Each would make a great addition to a self-sufficient homestead.

What To Put In An Emergency Car Kit- PLUS Printable Checklist!

November 29, 2012 – 8:14 am
printable emergency car kit checklist

Here’s your kick in the pants to get that emergency car kit built if you haven’t already!

Protect Your Home From Intruders

November 24, 2012 – 7:05 am
The Door Sentinel

Think you are safe just because you lock your doors and windows at night? Watch how an intruder can be standing in your home in a matter of seconds. You might be surprised!