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Raising Baby Chicks: Brooder Box Basics

Everything you need to know to create the perfect brooder box for your baby chicks!

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How To Hatch Chicks In An Incubator

Step-by-step: What you need to know to get started hatching out your own eggs!

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A Teeny Tiny Wind Egg

We had the funniest surprise in the chickens’ nesting box today!

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A Chicken Coop Hospital Ward

Here’s why it’s important to have a separate coop for those chickens who might need a little TLC for a while.

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Egg Eating Chickens & Woodchips in the Run

When my hens’ eggs were suddenly disappearing from the nests, we had to solve the problem quickly if we wanted to have fresh eggs again!

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GIVEAWAY: Reinventing The Chicken Coop

**This Giveaway is now Closed! Congrats to Kelly (kellypepin…).

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The unfortunate story of what happens when irresponsible dog owners let their animals roam onto other people’s property, and wreak havoc on their livestock.

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Did you know you can neuter your rooster? It’s true! Cruel or cool? You be the judge!