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Baby Food Recipes and Canning Ideas

Having home canned goods to make baby food from is incredibly satisfying. Not only do you have the assurance of knowing exactly what you are feeding baby, canning your own food saves a lot of money as well!

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Baby Elias- 10 months old

Growing like a weed, and developing such a funny little personality!

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There’s Something In Her Nose… A Trip To The ENT

“Yep, there’s definitely something in there.”

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Boys. Think. Differently.

When it comes to learning… and just about everything else, come to think of it… boys are SO much different than girls!

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Boys’ Budget Bedroom Makeover Reveal!

I am SUPER pleased with how this room turned out. For only the cost of a can of paint and a paintbrush, I turned the boys’ bedroom into something I can be proud to show off!

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Baby Elias- 6 Months Old

He’s growing like a weed, and changing so much! Here are some new pictures of our little Elias.

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Would your child know how to survive without you in an emergency situation? Will they be prepared to care for themselves and their own family when they grow up and leave the home? What sort of life skills are you teaching your children right now, to better equip them for the future?

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Saving Money on Baby Powder

Here’s how I save big bucks on baby powder.