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Wheat From The Mill: Is It Feed or Seed Grain? Make Sure You Get The Right Kind!

If you are buying your wheat from a local mill, make sure you are getting the right type of grain. The wrong choice could prove to be deadly.

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Are Dented Cans Dangerous?

Is it safe to eat from dented cans? Well, not always. Here are a few tell-tale signs that you’d be better off tossing that food. And how to know if it’s still safe.

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How To Bake A Pumpkin

Yes, there is actually more you can do with those decorative Fall pumpkins than just use them as a center piece! Cook and puree them for fresh pumpkin bread and pies year round!

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What’s the difference between bread flour and all purpose flour? Can I substitute all purpose for bread flour? And how can I make my own bread flour? Here are some helpful answers…

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Help! My Fingers Are On Fire! How To Cure A Hot Pepper Burn

This is one of those lessons you only need to learn once!

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Cast Iron Dutch Ovens

Here I explain the difference between a standard cast iron dutch oven, and a “camp” dutch oven. Which one do you need? Find out!

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Milk Money: How To Save Money On Milk

A practical way to save more of your milk money!

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Trying For Butter… Getting Whipped Cream!

What was wrong with this cream?? It just wasn’t turning to butter!!