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Waxing Cheese

Waxed cheese can last for years without refrigeration. Here’s how my first waxing experiment went.

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How To Make Seedless Raspberry Jelly {Recipe}

Here’s an easy way to make delicious, seedless raspberry jelly. This is by far my favorite jelly EVER!

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Here you will find the answers you’ve been seeking, encouragement and support, and even more recipes to try. Here you will find a community of friends and advocates.

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Simple Tomato Sauce Canning Recipe, {Plus} Tomato Powder From Scraps

Learn how to make a delicious, healthy tomato sauce, and can it for years ahead. Plus, make tomato powder with the leftover scraps!

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Canning From The Freezer

Freezing meat and produce to be canned at your own convenience is a great way to ease the burden of the summer harvest. Here’s what you can freeze for canning, and what doesn’t work so well…

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Introducing: At Home Canning For Beginners & Beyond DVD

It’s finally here! Order your copy today, and start learning how to preserve the harvest year round!

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How To Can Beef Stew {Canning Recipe}

Here’s a tasty way to fill your shelves with an easy heat-and-eat meal!

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Pink Tattler Reusable Canning Lids To Support Breast Cancer Patients

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Here’s what you can do to help women in need…