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How To Harvest & Preserve Basil

So you’ve got a beautiful basil plant growing… now what do you do? Here are some tips for harvesting leaves, and a few ways to preserve your harvest for future use.

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How To Can Chicken Broth (Chicken Broth Recipe)

I finally tried making homemade chicken broth, and then canning it, for the first time! Let me tell you… it is SO easy, and super, super good!! Way better than store bought. There’s no going back now!!

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Let The Canning Begin!

Time to break out the canners and blow the dust off. It’s harvest time!

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Canning With Dehydrated Foods

The recipe called for fresh green peppers and a rib of celery… but all I had were dehydrated ones from last year. Could I substitute them in? See what I discovered…

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Honeysuckle Jelly Recipe

I love this stuff!! It’s pretty awesome to go pick wild flowers in our backyard and make a delicious jelly from them. Even the kids had fun gathering the sweet honeysuckles!

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How To Can Orange Juice

This may be the only place where you will find a recipe for canning fresh orange juice. And there’s a good reason why…

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How To Can Bread. Quick Breads That Is.

Talk about a GREAT convenience food!! Fresh tasting quick breads straight from your shelf for up to a year. And you don’t even have to have a canner to do this!!

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How To Bake A Pumpkin

Yes, there is actually more you can do with those decorative Fall pumpkins than just use them as a center piece! Cook and puree them for fresh pumpkin bread and pies year round!