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My Family 2016

I started this homesteading blog back in 2008 as a 27 year old mother of two just starting out on our “back to the land” journey. Eight years later (have I been blogging that long?!), I now have four precious kiddos, and a little more experience under my belt. I love sharing what my family is learning as we work toward a more self-sufficient lifestyle. There have been many challenges and trials, but we’ve learned so much along the way!

Here’s where it all began…

This is the journal of a Southern California girl trying to learn her way around in the country. I love life in the South now, but it took many years before I adjusted…

Growing up on the beautiful West Coast, in warm and sunny weather, surrounded by beautiful people and places was paradise; life was good… wasn’t it??

Until one day when my teenage life was abruptly uprooted and I found myself on the other side of the world, or so it felt, living in the middle of nowhere in the Bible Belt South. Talk about major culture shock! At first, I hated it. I was lost and longed for the glamor of home. But after a couple of years, this new slower paced living started to grow on me.

I began to contemplate life, and true happiness, and my perception of the “good life” slowly began to change. I realized that I had grown tired of fast city living, rude, self-centered people and a superficial lifestyle. And as I got a little older and found the Lord, I started to realize that this new simpler life brought me much more joy.

Over the course of 2008, my husband and I decided that we were ready to switch gears and learn to live more self sufficiently. We bought a repo’d modular home, fixed it up, and put it on an acre of land deep in the country. Eager, and well on our way to building our homestead, we realize that it will be a long, trying journey, but a rewarding one as well.

I’m so glad you’ve come to join us! I hope you will follow along as this naive city girl fumbles her way through learning to garden, raising chickens, canning and preserving food, living on less, and everything else along those lines! Boy, are we in for a ride!

If you are like us, in the learning stages, I hope that from my accomplishments and mistakes I can provide some knowledge for you. And if you are an experienced homesteader, I hope that you will be kind enough to share your insights with me when you see me stumbling along. And who knows, you too might just learn a new trick or two along the way!

Blessings and Shalom!